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Out of Office not working??


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I hope someone can help me out here.

I'm trying to put my gigs on hold for several days, but for some reason the out of office  function is not working.

I set the date, click on save, and at first it seems to be working but when I refresh the screen I am back to normal mode.
I checked my gigs on search just in case, and yup, they are all there.


Anyone having the same problem?

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It happened to me today, after I got the new order page (maybe it's connected (a bug when they change something), maybe not).

I was able to activate Out of Office mode after I've delivered the one order I had in queue. I don't know if it was just a coincidence (I mean, they could have fixed the bug at that time) that I was able to do it then.

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Hi everyone, thank you for the comments.

I contacted CS and they recommended the clearing cache etc method, I tried it, then activated the OOO, didn't work.

A few hours later I tried again, logged out of Fiverr, I think I also tried restarting my PC too, and THEN it worked.

I guess it was just a ...bug????

I'm glad it's working again though, phew!!
WOrk at the office was getting crazy, I HAD to put my gigs on hold!!!

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I had this issue myself since the very beginning and to be honest I'm not even sure it is fixed. I tried this function twice so far, specifically on Easter as I had a few orders to finish (plus the holiday itself) and then at the end of summer to enjoy a well deserved short vacation, which I'd use to rest without having too much work left. I allowed new buyers to still message me to keep my rating intact, but the moment they placed an order it just went through without any issue and I was forced to do the work and personally tell other people that I would be unavailable until a specific date. Of course, this can be problematic the moment someone decides to just order directly without contacting you first (especially if they are a returning buyer and trust your service already).

Yesterday I set my OOO status for Christmas and the New Year's, but I expect the same issue to happen again. I noticed other users had the same issues and opted for the gig pause instead, but I don't think this is very convenient. There is a specific option to set your status as unavailable, I don't see why we shouldn't use it.

I already cleared the browser cache many times and I saw this happening through my phone app as well. I may just contact the CS eventually if I see this happening a third time.

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I can confirm that once again, it is not working. I spent the past few days (even on Christmas) turning requests down stating that I'm not available until January 1st, because it's clear buyers can't see your status and without receiving any clue/automatic message they also think you are ready to work whenever.

Thankfully for now I didn't receive any new order, only messages. Still, this has to be resolved in a way that also keeps your rates intact should you fail to answer when you are on vacation.

And no, clearing the cache did not work for me either, it also happens on phone (on mobile you can't even see your status at all).

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So I contacted the CS, but unfortunately I am at a complete loss.

I explained what the issue was and the first answer I got was to "try and set the availability with a start and end date + message for buyers" and this is exactly what I did in the first place and I once again confirmed it wasn't doing anything. Then I got a second response from another agent, who basically told me the same exact thing.

Dunno what to think at this point... 😅

I got an order today from a returning buyer, which proves the feature isn't doing anything indeed. In this specific case it is fine as I promised the person I could do the work through the holidays since it isn't particularly long and tedious, but should someone else do the same thing I'll be forced to cancel the rest of my planned vacation again, just like I did on Easter.

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