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Logo design gig shuffles backward


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Hi there,
I have seen some weird changes in my account about the gig shuffling. Whenever an order is being completed my GIG from its general page of logo designs moves backward instead of shuffle to forward. Till today, it was on page 9 of logo designs and a customer just marked premium package order it went to the page number 10 and then to 11.  This same behavior of my gig I have noticed two days ago when a similar type of order was completed, at that time my gig was on page number 8, and after the order was marked completed it moved to page 10. It should have to move forward, but as the orders are being completed it's going back

I have attached a video to this message please have a look and let me know what you think?

I think a few more orders competition will move it out or make it disappear from all these 20 pages of LOGO DESIGN.

Since I have started working on Fiverr, the completion of the order always makes gig shuffles to move forward not backward! 

I remember 3 months ago I was at page 1 of logo design and a day I received notification that my promotion is off! At that day, my gig disappeared from the platform and was de ranked. Exactly after 3 months it came back.

Just a month ago i have received a seller plus and in Canada i have earned a FIVERR'S CHOICE Badge.

Video is also attached

Thanks again


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