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Has a temporary restriction ever been lifted in the event that the seller was wrong?


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My seller account has been suspended since Oct. 24th, 2021, with no end in sight. 

I desperately want my account back, but I have little hope of them unsuspending me. 

I made a genuine mistake and learned from the experience, but the warnings occurred within five minutes of each other, which meant that I didn't get the chance to correct my mistake before being suspended. 

Has there ever been a case in which a seller made an apology for their mistake and promised to adhere to all TOS and been given their account back?


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7 hours ago, aarontgladiator said:

Glad to see you're owning up to your mistake, but no, you will possibly never get your seller account back. It's gone for good unless they mentioned till when you were suspended. Just out of curiosity, what'd you get suspended for?

I offered a service that was not allowed. 

I had misunderstood the TOS, and I had mistakenly thought it was an allowed gig. 

Unfortunately, there were two active orders when I got my warning, which means that I got two warnings for the same violation within a span of five minutes, leaving me no room to correct my error. If there had been only one active order at the time, I could have simply deleted my gig and continue my business.

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2 hours ago, aarontgladiator said:

most toxic buyers just create multiple accounts to scam sellers and unfortunately, I don't see Fiverr catching them.

I had the opposite experience. Fiverr does have way better tracking systems than you expect. So they did catch the few scammers I encountered and I never heard back from them.

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