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You don't have only 24 hours to deliver when there's a revision. This below is from Fiverr's helpdesk: 

"Even though the order timer keeps ticking down after the order is marked as "rejected", the seller is not timed on delivering the revisions. The on-time delivery statistic only measures the first delivery made on the order."

Although the clock isn't ticking in the screenshot you posted, the above quote shows that it doesn't have a bad impact on your gig. I don't know personally if revision request affect the mythical 'gig ranking', but I know many top sellers probably get them often and they still have a successful gig. From personal experience, I've had them too and I didn't notice any clear changes after having revisions. 

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7 hours ago, graphics_spot93 said:

Will it cause any bad impact on gig?

No bad impact on the gig or performance stats as long as the first delivery is made within the timeline specified on your gig. Subsequent revision(s) doesn't fall in that timeline. Although it is recommended that you deliver the revision(s) in the least amount of time as possible so as the buyer leaves happy and doesn't have to ask you for an update if the revision takes too longer to deliver because that could change the mood of the buyer and could impact negatively on the rating after the completion of order. Although it totally depends upon the nature of the buyer but "Ratings" do affect the performance of your gig. Too many negative reviews will fluctuate the appearance of gig in the search results and would also change the overall rating score visible on your profile.

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