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How can get rank my gig on first page?


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Fiverr cycles everyone's rankings continuously to ensure everyone gets a chance at getting orders. You are focussing on the wrong thing. Even top sellers aren't always on the first page.

Being ranked highly doesn't indicate your gig is of good quality and does not guarantee you will get orders.

If you want orders, analyze your market and work out what you're doing well and what needs work. Make sure your gig is error-free. Make sure your pricing is right. Make sure your portfolio showcases high quality, original work. Make sure your gig title and description contain strong keywords. 

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How can I get my Gig ranked higher?

Promoting your gigs on social media, websites, or blogs is a great way to bring more traffic to your gig. The more traffic, the more exposure you will receive in our marketplace. Completing your orders on time and providing exceptional service can also affect your ranking. As long as you are doing well in these areas, your ranking will improve.

The above is from the Help Centre. 

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FAQs are vital for a gig’s success. I have 5 to 8 FAQs on each of my gigs. They answer any questions the buyer may have that you do not have enough words to put in your gig description. 

Plus, FAQs protect you in the case where a buyer may ask CS to cancel an order. For example I define what a revision is in my FAQs. That way a buyer can not ask for a revision that is not as defined in my gig.

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Here are some things to keep in mind before designing a Fiverr gig image :

1. Design an image & make sure you're using the right size for the 
2. Don't use too much text. Adding lots of text on your image is not a 
      good idea.
3. Do not copy gig images from other sellers.
4. Avoid clickbait images
5. Try to keep a picture that is most relevant.
6. Do not use badges on gig images.

Best wishes for you.

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