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What happens if the buyer doesnt send requirements and the gig starts?



Hey hope u guys are doing well, Recently i started a order, actually i offered a client custom offer and told him/her to send me the required video to edit for him and he accepted the offer but didnt send me the video to start working with and i chose 3 days, will this affect the time that i chose 3 days or will it not im confused with the new UI they updated


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It seems to me that your order hasn't started yet! Once it reaches the 'order in progress' then it will start the countdown, at least that's what I think. But you can always check if there's a countdown clock already ticking. If there isn't, then it definitely hasn't started yet. For future reference since you find the new UI confusing; you can also check on your dashboard. If an order is 'active' then the time is running. If it still says that it's 'incomplete' then your order delivery time isn't running yet. 

Did you make the requirements mandatory to fill in? If so, then the order won't start until the buyer has submitted those requirements. 

Hope this helped!

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