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Gig Issue



Hello everyone,


I am a professional video editor and level 1 seller. I have positive ratings as well. My concern is that all of my gigs went to the last page, even if i Create a new gig with SEO optimized, still after few hours it will automatically go to the last page. I Contacted CS but they are not helpful, just sending me copy paste messages as usual.


I'm also Sharing my gig on social media platforms and some of the people did check my gig but the numbers of click didn't increase.  It's been almost a month and i didn't get any new order. 

Also, i am writing effective requests to the buyer's but no one is coming back 😭


I remember when Fiverr wanted me to promote to the level 1, i was sending 10 offers to the buyer's and was getting 2-3 orders. I feel that Fiverr doe's it intentionally. It is Fiverr who decides when to promote anyone. But this is quite unfair. 

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