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How long does it take for the the $ to clear?


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I just started Jan 4th, and I have orders since then. I have $156 which none of that I can take out… Some of them say Clearing and some Upcoming. How long does it take to clear?

Also if I sent my gig out to the buyer, is that when I am almost (yes almost because if they are a scammer with a stolen credit card your order is “cancelled” as happened to me already) guaranteed for pay? In other words, at what point am I guaranteed that payment?

Thank you!


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That can’t happen on Fiverr. (That’s why there’s a hold, to clear Pay-Pal).


To answer.

14-17 days. If the buyer marks your order as complete as soon as you are done, 14 days. If the buyer doesn’t mark it as complete, and the system does it automatically in 3 days, then 17 days.

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