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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Maria Shtelle

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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Maria Shtelle

A designer and calligrapher by trade, Maria has spent nearly four years selling her services through Fiverr. Once in a corporate environment, she now designs full-time while based in Singapore. “Drawing was always something that I loved since childhood, and I finally get to work with my dream,” she says.


Maria joined Fiverr’s Logo Maker when it first launched, and she’s already hugely successful! We recently caught up with her to ask her about her experience with Fiverr's Logo Maker as well as her advice and insights for new designers.

Best Selling Logos:


Hey Maria! Great to finally chat! First things first - tell us a little bit about your Fiverr experience in general.

Sure! Fiverr is one of the platforms that I use the most. There aren’t many platforms like Fiverr, where you can post your Gig and the clients actually find you themselves. You don't have to bid on a job, which is beautiful. The clients can see your gallery and your work, and decide if they want to hire you or not.

Now let's talk about Fiverr's Logo Maker - the first-ever AI-based Logo Maker, offering logos designed by Fiverr sellers. What did you think about the product when you first joined?

I actually loved the idea because I've been thinking about creating pre-made logos for some time now, but I couldn't find the right platform. When I saw that Fiverr was launching the Logo Maker, I knew it was a good opportunity for me.

When you first started designing your logos, did you have a certain idea in mind? What was the thought process behind the logos you uploaded?

Normally, my logos are inspired by my clients and my usual target audience because they have similar styles to mine; we like the same things. So when it came time to start designing, I already had quite a few ideas in mind.

But unlike working with clients - which requires you to adapt to their needs and change your style according to theirs - the Logo Maker allowed me to be myself. I got to sit and draw over the weekend and upload what I love the most.


How do you go about researching industries and demand before you started designing something?

It's easy for me because I have years of experience working with clients, so I already know my market. I know what works and I just adjusted it a little bit. For new sellers that are just starting their career, it might take some time to find their own style. After you find your niche, do the research. Look at what people like and are searching for. Get a couple of customers and see how they react to the work, what feedback they're giving, what styles they're referring to, and start from there.

Do you feel like it's better to focus on a certain style rather than explore different genres and industries?

I think it's important, in the beginning, to try a few different styles: upload, let’s say, 10 logos with different styles and see which ones are going to start selling and move towards that direction. At the moment, I’m concentrating on the style that I love (feminine, hand-drawn lines). I know what works for me, will work for other people.

Let's talk about income. It's one of the top benefits of using the Logo Maker: you design your symbol, upload it and forget about it! The Logo can be sold and re-sold again and again, providing a great you a passive income.

Definitely. It’s not only a side Gig anymore because, for me, it brings in actual good money. You don't have to invest hours and hours of work in revisions; you just create something and upload it. Simple as that.

Has the Logo Maker impact the business your Fiverr Gig business? Have any Logo Maker buyers approached you for additional work or customization?

Yeah, definitely. There were a couple of logos that people asked me to customize, saying, “I like that one, but I actually have an earrings store, so can we add cool earrings?” Or, “Can we change the line here? Could we add this and that or change flowers to butterflies?” These buyers approach me because they loved my work on Logo Maker, but wanted something different and customized, so they looked up my Fiverr profile and reached out.

What would you say to new designers who are considering using Logo Maker?

I would tell new designers not to be afraid it will hard their Fiverr business. I would say that it’s a totally different category and a different audience looking for a one-click-logo and that it’s worth exploring. It can open you up to something new. It can provide some side passive income and it's definitely worth your time.

I would also tell new designers to invest time researching what they think the market will like and create logos within that style range. You also need to know who you're targeting and what works for you. I know that my drawing style works for me in life, in both my offline work and online work.

Thanks, Maria!

Feel free to share here what's your inspiration when designing logos 🙂 

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Slay kweeeen! 👑

14 hours ago, Logo Maker Team said:

You don't have to invest hours and hours of work in revisions; you just create something and upload it. Simple as that.

Awesome. That means you have more time to study F1 races 😉

You made me want to learn some caligraphy. Don't worry, though, I don't think I'll ever be good enough to become your rival on Logo Maker.

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👏 Yay, is it Christmas already? An interesting topic for the forum regulars to read, and about one of us, no less, no way! 😉  

Nice insight into the Logo Maker thing by a professional user who does actually hand-draw. When I wanted to order a logo a while ago, I spent quite a bit of time to find a seller I was reasonably sure would hand-draw, it's not as easy as just look for Gigs that say "hand-drawn". I can imagine how the Logo Maker is a real time-saver for the artists, and semi-passive income of course doesn't hurt at all. More huge success to you! 

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