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Zero Sales/ Orders: 10 years SEO expertise with Technical SEO and eCommerce SEO Proven Experiences


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Yes. same issues with me I hold 10 years' experience in the Digital Marketing Industry and my core competency skill set is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I tried to wait for years here on Fiverr but my gigs were not getting higher search visibility for SEO terms. I got zero sales on Fiverr and no new orders since last 3+ years.

My expertise is in to Technical SEO, E-Commerce SEO and much more. I even reduced my Gig cost from $$$ to $$ but quality and the experience I am selling is more than the Pro SEO gigs.

Anyway, after waiting for years, I am still with 1 order with 5-star ratings. I think Fiverr need to implement new algorithm which will give same advantage and N number of orders to user rather than one user with 100's of order waiting (which his/her) team complete and same experienced user get 0 orders or exposure and waiting for years to know if he can even work on Fiverr.?

I also attached my resume and here is link to my LinkedIN profile which proves my experiences: https://www.linkedin.com/in/best-digital-marketing-expert/

Here are my employment proof documents uploaded to GDrive folder but still not able to join PRO on Fiverr: 



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