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Problem: Payoneer Debit card


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I am outsourcing work from Bangladesh. Now I am working http://www.fiverr.com Level 2 seller. I did not withdraw my balance from Fiverr.com. please check the attachment PDF / MS Word file. Here is my position, Rating & Balance. My User ID: kazi_biplab

I have applied for Card before 17 months ago, but I did not get my card in my hand. Many times I have edit my address according to payoneer rules. Please help me for my card. If not possible, please info me, I will not disturb to you.

Thank you.

Md. Kazi Biplab Hossain

payoneer ID: biplab_kazi@yahoo.com

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This isn’t customer support. You just wrote your private information on a public forum. Not too smart. You are also posting multiple posts about the same problem. Not very nice.

If you have a problem with Payoneer, contact Payoneer customer support. This is the Fiverr forum. There’s not a thing we can do, and hopefully the screening software changed your personal information enough that your account won’t get hacked. Now I see why so many people get hacked…!

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