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The Big 4 on Becoming A Freelance Writer


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Freelancing is fun but requires passion and discipline, and if you’re new to freelancing, then these tips could be handy.

  1. Factor In Your Research Time

    Most writing jobs available online pay by the word or a flat fee. When you accept a job, or submit a bid for work, be sure to factor in the amount of time you will need to research your topic.

  2. Show Off Your Work The Right Way

    If you have never done freelance writing before you may need to submit writing samples. One of the smartest things you can do to begin branding yourself is to create a portfolio of writing samples and post them online.

  3. Proofread Your Work

    Do not rely in spell checkers and grammar checkers – they make mistakes! If you lack solid proofreading skills hire someone to proof your work, or try an old secretary’s trick: start at the bottom and read backwards and upwards – you will be more likely to notice typos and other errors.

  4. Don’t Miss Deadlines

    Don’t miss deadlines. Don’t miss deadlines. Don’t miss deadlines. Did I mention that you shouldn’t miss deadlines?

    Did I forget something? Feel free to add them here!
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