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WordPress speed optimization & help me

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Let me introduce my self. I'm Web Developer. Web optimization is my job everyday.

Here top mistake for Non-Technical person when using CMS like Wordpress:

  1. Always use optimized images. For example if you want to show 300x300 pixel images, then your images should not more than 300x300 pixel. I have ever saw some slow website the have 3000x3000px images that show in only 300x300px. Imagine it's now just one image, but many many more.
  2. Check your link like CSS, JS, and Images. Make sure there isn't ERROR 404 NOT FOUND. It would cause to browser to delay and keep trying for a couple seconds.
  3. Too much content in one page.

If you use Wordpress, 3 above is the most case that I saw from my clients.

Here more mistake but for technical only or that know how Wordpress work

  1. Check your plugin. Is there any plugin that make slow? To test it, try to deactivate and active again.
  2. Check your Javascript plugin/widget that you add in head or footer in every pages you have. For example: Google Analytics.
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