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buyer ask to cancel the order after i do his revision and he get the delivery


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hi i have a cancelation request and the buyer reason is the delivered work is so poor 

i do the order as I describe in my gig i even do extras that i don't offer and i take his first revision and i change what he want and he was doesn't reply to messages

i even pay to the voice over actor to do a voice over for him and now i will lose the order and the voice and he will get every thing for free 

please help me if i accept the cancelation request or refuse  

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I don't think that anything can be done. The reason stated by the buyer is that the work is poor; in this case, even CS can not help you.
If you think your work is perfect, you can message the buyer and specifically ask about the problems and what revisions he wants. 

Still, if the buyer thinks that he is not getting the work he wanted, then there is nothing you or anyone can do except accepting the cancellation.

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On 12/11/2021 at 10:43 AM, rawque_gulia said:

It's okay. Cancellation is also a part of the journey. Not only you, but everyone has cancellations. Even top level sellers who earn thousands per day have had cancellations in the past.

Don't let it impact your mind, and keep working hard.

"Don't let it impact your mind, and keep working hard."

Nice advice. Thank you brother.  👍

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