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My gig came back after 2 months but again after 1 month same lost and disappeared.



Hi, I hope you are doing well. I'm very worried and going through really bad crisis on fiverr. I work as a freelancer on fiverr 6 months ago I became level 2 seller on fiverr. But when i became level 2 my gig went disappeared in search. Then it took 2 months to come back. Funny thing is that my reviews are 5 stars and always been 5 stars. in my work and category that i work in i always been best seller. Because when google launched core web vitals i was the first person to create gig on it and start work. Since then i've delivered best work to my clients. I've around 290+ 5 star reviews. Now when fiverr gave my gig back in OCT i started giving great service again and kept getting 5 star reviews from clients. My avg response time always been 1 hour. But now again after i started earning on fiverr again. After only 1 month gig been active. Now everything is lost again. Also it's not only one gig but all of my gig are disappeared from fiverr and not showing anywhere it's been 2 weeks. i don't understand what fiverr wants. They only give me my account for 1 month in 2 months. if my service wasn't great how i managed to get this many reviews and earned that much on fiverr in that small amount of time. I do fix core web vitals of the websites without using any paid plugins cdns or any kind of hosting upgrades which is very rare. every clients wants that. This is why i get so many orders when my gig is active. I used to get above 5 orders each day. when my gig was active. Now i really need help. i contacted support and i get same answer that we can't help. Fiverr has been my career. It felt like this is where i can get successful. I've put so much work into it. being active all time and staying in front of computer just to deliver work and response in less than an hour is not easy for any one. I've attached my gig stat for you to see. That is everything all right.There is my gig stat too as you can see this 6 months impression stat shows that how it's been down up . Down UP. Please help 😞



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I don't understand why fiverr don't fix it. they say that it's automatic and your gig is being showed to people then why it goes down for only 2 months after being online for 1 month. why i only get order in only that month. it is very weired. also what ever i'm doing wrong. atleast they should tell me what is wrong. because on the matrics that they gave me everything is ok. But at least let me know what i should do to fix/Improve my self for that.Also i was the one in that category who was doing best. so i think my gig should have stayed there. i know many other sellers whos gig are 1st rankings for years but mine can't. 😞

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