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ART= Average Response Time
TIMER = The timer that controlls Average Response Time

I agree that removing ART would be unfair, specially for better level sellers that respond to so many orders; I can see that being efficient at managing a lot of messages and requests can be considered a skill so I'm good with keeping it. However I feel like Fiverr shuold provide us an option to stop the TIMER for conversations headed to an end: a lot of times conversations just ends because nobody has nothing to say anymore, but if the last message is from the buyer? Easy, you'll need to spam the buyer inbox with futile text so you wont be label as a bad seller with a bad ART.

The option I'm talking about will not close the chat itself, both the buyer and the seller will always be able to text to the other, simply the ART timer will stop counting while noone has nothing else to say.

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