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7 years ago I was just a 100 pound kid with dreams to be HUGE in all aspects of life. Bosses, coworkers, friends and family laughed at my ambitious goals for the seemingly impossible. No one laughs anymore, now its just silence coupled with questions as to how, why and what's next.. Many sit in silence waiting for the slip ups, when they should be spending that time focusing on ones self, fore the clock keeps ticking and time is gone forever.. Now I do the laughing while making a living doing what I love. Remember that salary is a drug they give you when they want you to forget about your dreams, because it’s very easy to stay in that world where somebody is mitigating your risk, you just have to perform certain tasks, do them well, for 1/3(third) of your day and they will feed you a salary.

Be your own boss, set your own limits.

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