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Strange message from fiver seller plus success manager... anyone know what this means?



Hoping the experienced minds in the forum can help!

For background I am both a level 2 seller, and a top buyer / VID. I am also a member of / pay for sellers plus, which gives me a success manager.

This morning I received the below email. It looks like the mail merge messed up (unless there really is a person called 'automated process' 🤣)

Anyway, I am wondering, maybe I am just getting a new success manager (for my selling), maybe this is to do with my buying (that's what I thought Fiver Business success was, but I find it strange it's coming from my success manager) , or maybe they are combining the two? I've replied to my success manager, and cc'd customer support to ask, but was wondering if anyone here can shed any light on this?


Hello Will,

Hope all is well!

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I will be shifting your account over to our dedicated Fiverr Business success team to help with all your needs moving forward.

At this time I wanted to introduce you to one of our Business Success Managers, Automated Process. Automated will be overseeing your account and is copied on this email so you can expect to hear from Automated soon.

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to hearing about your continued success on Fiverr Business.


Take care,

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2 hours ago, williambryan392 said:

but was wondering if anyone here can shed any light on this?

Can't really say I know exactly what was going on, but I got the same email, and then (a few hours after, another) that says it was sent by accident and nothing is changing. Definitely a little suspicious but I'd think it was really just sent by mistake (or maybe, later, things will be changing but for not all stays the same?)

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