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What should I do?



!Please only respond if you have something helpful to say!

So here's the deal. Due to some personal circumstances, I won't be able to perform my work on Fiverr as I do now (probably starting from January). How I work now is basically getting an order and knowing I'll be able to deliver it within approximately 2 days. However, due to these upcoming circumstances I won't really know when I'll be able to deliver it. I know this is vague but I hope you'll bare with me....

So here's the dilemma;

This uncertainty means I could either go out of office for a few months (with the whole having to 'rank' my gig shenanigans when I get back). Or increase my delivery days to let's say 2/3 weeks. Either decision is undesirable, but unfortunately I don't have a choice. I don't want to do the first option, because hopefully there will be days where I can work. And it would make me a tad sad if I didn't utilize these moments where I would be able to deliver poems. But it might also be peaceful, since I wouldn't have that extra stress if the order had a bad timing. 

But increasing the delivery days (even when putting a disclaimer) might put a lot of buyers off and will hurt me in the long run.

I know I'm the one who ultimately has to make a decision, but I'd love to have some insights from all of you. Any input is welcome, even if it's something I'd rather not hear! I realize this was probably a lot of ping ponging thoughts of going back-and-forth between options, but that's how my mind is going atm 🤪 

Thank you in advance for any replies and also just for taking the time to read this ♥

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Hi there..,

Based on experience..,

It's better to set your delivery to 2-3 weeks.

and don't forget put in descriptions to ask your buyer to contact you before ordering.

There are many seller sharing, their gigs performance decrease greatly after offline for  3 - 4 weeks.



1. You can manage your schedule better.

2. Won't lose your gigs rank greatly.

3. Can get order in your free times.

4. Sometimes your regular customer need a little help - fast work, and you can still help them.



1. As mentioned, won't get new buyer.

2. You can't focus on your priority task ( assume you need to do this because more important task).

3. BAD Buyer can still order, even though you set the delivery time in 2 weeks. Definitely can ruin your plans.


I don't know how you treat fiverr ( as main income, or just extras).

BUT if you plan to keep working with Fiverr..,  personally, i prefer to set your delivery time to 2-3 weeks.


Best of luck,




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13 hours ago, ridwansugi said:

I don't know how you treat fiverr ( as main income, or just extras).

Luckily I only use it for extras and to just help other people out, so fortunately my livelihood doesn't depend on it! But the extra income is always welcome of course. 

Thank you for your valuable insights though and sharing your experiences! 

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