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Tips from a Top Rated Seller - Tip 2


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On 12/7/2021 at 11:00 PM, manuelmarino said:

This post is linked to Tips from a Top Rated Seller - Tip 1

In these new posts I'll give you Tips to improve as Seller, and I will use my experience as Top Rated Seller. Please refer to my Forum profile where you can find my Fiverr link, since I'll use my Fiverr pages as references.

Tip 2 - Titles

Ok, I give you now this Tip 2, so you can work on it while spending time on your profile. So these next tips are about the GIG Title and Description.

Today I'll focus on the title. You want to improve your GIG right? ok, just listen to me 🙂

The title doesn't need to be short or long. It must be right. Means you need to use the right keywords to attract customers for the specific product you are selling.

You don't need any tricks for this. Are you selling apples? type that! Let's go deeper. Are you selling yellow apples? type yellow apples. Wanna go deeper?

you are selling yellow and red fresh apples. In this phrase there are 6 combinations of two words. I assume the apples are really fresh! I mean I assume you are talented and skilled.

If you are not skilled, please forget my tips and first learn the job, then go back here.

Let's consider my Best Selling GIG about Orchestral Music:

"I will create an orchestral epic gaming intro music, soundtrack, film trailer..." etc etc

As you can see, I am creating multiple keywords with this title:

as example, orchestral epic, orchestral intro, orchestral music and also intro music, intro soundtrack, or film soundtrack etc

can you see how many keywords I'm creating? I tell you the exact number is 45 (two words) combinations. And with three words? 120 combinations in my Best Selling GIG!

it's an impressive and powerful result. 

See you in the next topic, always refer to my Forum profile where you can find my Fiverr link, since I'll use my Fiverr pages as references.

Title is the most important aspect of SEO for the gig. It directly refers to the search results, much more than other written elements of the gig. 
Thanks for your tips!

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