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External factors that affect your Fiverr algorithm


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Some conspiracy theory

I remembered some forum members were saying that the algorithm favours sellers who are not "trouble" to the customer support team.

I noticed a trend in my gig's impression (when compared to before), since I started my ticket complaining about a technical problem to my Pro application since 31st October (still open), all my impressions are down. 

While I think "promoted gigs" plays a role into killing my organic impression (daily minimum 150 for months, dropping to single digit), the usual "momentum" doesn't happen anymore. 

Momentum is a word that many people are aware off, once you get an order, the algorithm will recognize you and give you more traffic. This has been taught by one of the forum regulars and also my success manager who insist that "it's all about the momentum", when he recommends me to decrease my price that was in-between those from a western nation and a developing country seller.

Other than regular contact with customers services, it has been my experience that I know for sure that cancellations that happen in your fiverr buyer side, will affect your algorithm as a seller.

Despite the success manager and the customer service reassurances that it's not the case, that 2 months of single digit impressions does not lie. 🤷‍♂️

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