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Can someone report me for not doing extra work that the order did not specify?



I have created a website for this person, but they seem unhappy about it, even though I what I made was exactly as the order said. They have just messaged me saying that they wanted more changes to the website 3 days after they have accepted the order and they are threatening to report me. After I submitted it, they did not use revisions and just accepted the order.

Can I still be reported after they have accepted the order?

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Well, they can go to Customer Support and report that they are unhappy with the order. But you did your part and as you said you delivered as what the order said. If ever they will talk to Customer Support, CS will be able to look into the order. What is your revision policy though? Do you include revisions? You might want to meet halfway with the buyer to work something out, or explain to them in a professional and kind manner that if they need further revisions it warrants another order. Its best to settle that with the buyer rather than making it an issue with Customer Support.

But yes you deserve to get paid for the work you did. And if it ever does reach Customer Support, you can always explain your side. 

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