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Improving Rating Advice


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Hi there,

Last Autumn I discovered Fiverr, started selling and was going great guns.

Then a combination of family illnesses, a family disaster, a house move and all else took its tool on me.

I missed deadlines all over the place as a result of events outside of my control.

As soon as vacation mode was launched I used it, but it only had a 30 day lifetime.

As a single parent I was desperate to earn money still, so would open my gigs up, get orders then ‘something’ would happen to stop me getting back online.

The good news is, I’ve now regained control, I’ve moved home, my family personal life and situations have resolved themselves and life is back to normality of sorts.

I now have the opportunity to start selling, but despite my gigs being unchanged, I hardly generate sales - I think due to a low rating.

Its nothing to do with my ability!

What can I do to resolve this situation and regain a better score?


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The only thing you can do is deliver quickly and efficiently, provide good customer care, and generate positive reviews. Eventually your rating will improve. Sometimes people delete gigs with low ratings perhaps hoping that will solve the problem, but your rating is based on all sales made since you opened the account; getting rid of low-rated gigs won’t change that.

Your rating isn’t so low that you lost your level, so you should bounce back quickly, as long as you can generate sales. And for that, you’re probably aware of the kinds of things you need to do. (If not, then check out the permanent posts left up to help newcomers and people needing advice on making sales).

And good luck~

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