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How they calculate order completation rate?


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9 hours ago, lloydsolutions said:

How is order completion calculated?

The Order Completion formula is the rate/percentage of the completed orders out of all of the orders placed from your buyers, where the last update (cancellation/completion) was in the past 60 days.

The above is from the Help Centre.

I have mixed experience on this. I had two cancellation so far, both cancellations happened because the buyer made a purchase of a service that is impossible to fulfill (one is a translation of unreadable text and the second is because the buyer purchased a service that they don't qualify *that service is a niche, provided to a very specific and certified businesses only).

The first one didn't affect my completion rate and I just got the second cancellation ten minutes ago, my completion rate is already down.

Both orders have the same condition, the buyer didn't submit the order requirements and I didn't click "I have all that I need", the order shouldn't be considered to have started in the second case. 


If the first cancellation that happened under the same circumstances and didn't affect my statistics, I don't understand why the second one is. 😂

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