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Working correctly but when I submitted the work the buyer cancelled the order.


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Hello, I need to share my experience. last couple of days ago, I got an order from a Kenyan buyer. the work was 35 product upload in his website and the time duration was 2 day's. after one day I completed the whole work. so I need to submit the work in that time. when I want to submit that work, in that time the buyer said me my work was not fulfilled his demand. but I was 100% sure that my work was 100% ok. he said me that he told about image work more then 50 and customise the theme work which was not actual requirement when I submitted my work.and he was trying to cancelled it. and I declined his offer and submitted my work. after that I knock the fibre support and after couple of mail sending and receiving with the whole chating screen shot the support said me to cancel the order from my site. so it was a new experience and a very bad experience from my side. what can I do in this situation I need to know. can someone assist me? 

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