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Request going beyond my Fiverr


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Hi all,

I’m new to Fiverr (only one sale so far…). I have a Fiverr about providing a service in Paris (placing a hotel reservation, booking a table, …).

A potential customer contacted me asking if I could buy macarons and send them.

I wonder how to do that “by the book” on Fiverr.

Here’s what I answered, can you help?

Hello, your friend has very good taste :-)
Obviously, I cannot buy the macarons for 5€.
I'm rather new to Fiverr, so I cannot add extras to my 5€ offers.
On the other hand I cannot either give you my email address as Fiverr understandably doesn't want people to find clients here and treat with them outside of their platform.
A workaround would be for you to order several of my Fiverrs for that particular service, but I'm not sure it would work with the terms and condition either, I'll check with the Fiverr support.
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We are allowed to charge a shipping fee if we sell real, physical items. In this case, we are of course allowed to obtain the buyer’s name and address, in order to send the merchandise.

For this particular buyer request, you could either set up a new gig, and include shipping fees (buyer can come back, purchase gig or gigs and pay the shipping fee at the same time), or you can figure out how much funds you need to receive from the buyer to cover the gig and the shipping fee, and instruct the buyer to purchase enough gigs to cover that amount.

You must continue to communicate only on Fiverr, but you can ask for the postal information without worry; it’s allowed in this case.

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