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Completed the majority of an order, but possibly unable to complete the last task. How to proceed?



I have a gig from a repeat buyer. I have already delivered the work, and am in revision stage. While I have completed the majority of the tasks in the order to satisfaction, there is one task that I am not sure if I can actually do. This is a programming related gig where I'm modifying existing code, and I wouldn't have known that this task would be an issue without an extensive deep-dive into the code (so I didn't realize until after I was hired). I'm concerned that if I am unable to figure this part out, that I will lose the entire order. 

I know a lot of times on forums people say either a) cancel order or b) deliver. But when you've already done a significant amount of useable work but the last part is not possible, those don't seem like good options. 

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On 12/5/2021 at 1:56 PM, theratypist said:

If the person is a repeat buyer then I think they value your work and will be easy to talk to regarding your concern. They likely will be amenable to pay for the part of the work you've already done. Of course, you both have to agree on how much that would cost. 

How would I go about that though? I thought partail refunds weren't possible on Fiverr.

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