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Tips on How To Scale Fiverr Business?



My question is: What are some tips on scaling my fiverr business? 

I started selling on Fiverr about 2 and a half months ago—things are going well.

I receive consistent orders every week and a lot of my customers are coming back. Plus, I have only received 5 star reviews from about 20 orders so far. 

I raised my prices once and nothing changed, I still had the same amount of enquiries and orders.

Then, raised my prices again, yet this time enquiries dropped to nearly nothing and so did my orders. 

I have re-adjusted my prices slightly lower and have started to see more enquiries and orders come back. 

I need to be charging more as I know I am providing a valuable service that is worth more than what I am currently charging.

I guess what I want to know is...

How do I charge more for my services? What are some tips on looking more professional? Am I expecting too much too early on?

Thanks you!



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