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How to reply to a negative review?


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Hi Fiverr forum,

I am relatively new to Fiverr and started doing my first translation gigs a few months ago. So far all has been fine, until this one customer came along. I have done a few gigs for him before, but I do find him really annoying, as he always tries to haggle my prices, manipulates the word count until I check the file, doesn't want to pay for quick delivery etc. 

Last night I had enough, as he asked me to do another gig, but I decided to be honest with him and tell him, that I wasn't interested in doing work for him anymore. To my annoyance, we had one gig that was yet to be labeled as finished and he gave me a 1 star review, saying I am rude and deliver "pathetic work". Funny for someone, who wanted me to do more 🙂

Anyways, I need to write a reply to his review to try and look professional and save as much of my reputation as possible. So far I have written this:

"Hi. It has been my impression, that you have been satisfied with my work, as you do not come with feedback or corrections, but keep asking me to do more gigs. I have always aimed to be direct and honest in my communication to you on a professional level"

I am really angry, so I am trying not to put too much feeling into the reply, so I wonder if any of you could help me? 
Thank you!

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It should be something like :

I am sorry you weren't satisfied with the last project we have collaborated on. However, I would want my future buyers to kindly note that the customer wasn't dissatisfied with my work. Had he not liked my work, we wouldn't have worked on many gigs together. The main reason for this review is that the client persuaded me to lower my prices and asked for free work. When I told him I can't afford to work for him for free, he left this review. 

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On 12/5/2021 at 8:32 PM, jojaques said:

That is such a good reply! I will definitely do something like that another time 🙂

I'm sorry to learn you'd to go through this. 

However, please note that buyers can give us any review (probably negative for any reason),  to avoid this situation, try not to be 'straight forward' and 'honest' with the buyers who have an active order with you. 

If I were you, I would've told him that I took a lot of orders, so let's complete this one and we'll start the next. As soon as the order was completed and review given, I would've asked him to buzzer off. 

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