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Zero clicks, zero impression!


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OK, this sounds funny and a bit idiotic though. 

One of my gigs is on the top position in the relevant category while other two are also dwelling on the first pages but in the last lines. 

I daily get 15-20 clicks, three to four messages and one order if I'm available and would like to work with the buyer. 


I just checked my clicks, impressions, etc. and found out I got zero impressions and zero clicks in last 24 hours despite the fact that I even got messages from two people who were interested in purchasing my services and came through my gigs. 


How on the earth is it possible? 


I also searched for gigs in incognito mode and they're still hanging on their respective positions. Is this some bug, my gigs were automatically paused or since it's the weekend, the numbers aren't updated?


Well, yesterday, I got two five star reviews and tips from both buyers as well.  


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2 hours ago, aashirsulehriya said:

Same is happening with my all gigs.. 


I had few clients from Social media who checked my gig but the numbers of impressions and clicks decreased instead of increasing. I think this is a bug, it should be resolved ASAP. 

Nope. It isn't a bug in your situation. It was in mine though as one of my gig that showed to have gotten zero impression in the last 24 hours has 358 impressions now. 

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