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Can anyone shed some light on the recent drop in impressions?



So, I've got a question - or maybe a series of questions. 

I've noticed a sharp drop in my overall impressions over the last week and I find myself wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their gigs. Taking into consideration the state of global affairs with the new variant being found practically everywhere in the world, perhaps people are focusing more on keeping safe and staying afloat financially. My main gig is ghostwriting (books and lead magnets) so perhaps this is not as essential as I had thought it was. Maybe I'm just clutching at straws on that one, but I can't seem to find a concrete reason as to why my impressions have gone from 11,000 in a 7-day period to 2,000 in the following 7-day period. 

Ultimately, I think many of us have Fiverr set as our "9-5" (or 24-hour😅), primary source of income, so seeing impressions drop that low and having virtually no messages from potential buyers is a bit worrying to say the very least. 

I've read that editing your gig too many times can cause this as well as increasing your pricing. Does anyone know if there is any merit to those assumptions?

Hope you're all having a stellar weekend!

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1 hour ago, expertforum said:

Same here, I am also worried. From one month my impressions are going down and today I saw all the gig impressions goes to zero.

Anyone knows what to do?

It's quite concerning. Let's just keep ourselves online and hope things start to pick up soon. 

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@mel_mitch and everyone else in this thread.

I am also going through the same problem. My impressions dropped drastically over the last three weeks. 

One reason for this drop is that Fiverr is changing the search algorithm as far as I know. 

In my case, two of my orders got cancelled automatically. This is also a reason for a drop in impressions.


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23 hours ago, freelancerjabir said:


Check stock price... its down now I hope this screenshot will help you to understand that why it's happening 

Thanks for sharing. It seems to be across the board. Stock prices, crypto - practically everything - seems to be plummeting. 😞

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