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Being abusing by buyer I need fiverr expert opinion



plese help to resovel this problem as a new seller.
I'm really panic and dispointed .
1. buyer aske more to do according to correct value. 
he askd to do for  to more atribute in Nft 90$ mean 14 but. I agreed to add few more atribute that mean 20 atribute for 90$
2. he asked to add meta data it's another thing.I only doing illustration. and he said he will genarate it him self
3.I said if generate totall image I'll chage 50$ for it before the order place.beacuse it is addtionl thing. but buyer asked me to do that after order recived. 
4. but he mension in his reviwe (high price for what he offer and have to pay other one to do better. no personal design, just add accesories to image from google. so guys, pay correct price from the first and dont make same mistake me and choice cheap one! I dont wanna open case for 90usd but never come back!) 
This is really abusing me. I'm really really shock. I can't explain the felling I'm having right now. I just want the justice for this issue. I never done anything wrong. I don't know why he is did that.

Please help and give your opinion to this matter. Thank you all. 

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