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A buyer wants to report me 2 weeks after giving me 5 stars review



Hello! I have a question and I need help from you! A buyer contacted me and he wanted me to create a server for the game FiveM for him. We discussed everything, I gave him a test server so he can be sure that he will like the server that i will give him. Everything was okay, he completed the order and he gave me 5 stars review. Now, 2 weeks later he is contacting me and telling me that he doesn’t like the server and he will report me. I don’t know what to do. I tried to help him and I asked nicely what’s wrong with the server I gave him. He was rude and didn’t answer ne. 

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Honestly, if he's being rude, don't continue to engage. In fact if you have delivered and he has accepted you can even block him to save the stress of further communication. There is nothing else you can do now, if he chooses to "report you" thats up to him and there isn't much you can do to impact the outcome of that process.

Also, setting up video game servers is a gig that will attract a lot of kids who are spending their pocket money or abusing parents credit cards. You're going to be working with a lot of immature people so this kind of thing will be pretty normal for you.

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