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Will not responding to a reply to something I said affect my response time?



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Please see: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011451678-Everything-you-need-to-know-about-response-time--rate


Understanding response time & response rate
Responsiveness refers to the tracking of a Fiverr seller’s response rate (what percentage of inbox messages you reply to within twenty-four hours) as well as your response time (how quickly you respond to a new request in your inbox). Replying within 24 hours is necessary for your response to be tracked. Response time is based on the last 60 days of a seller’s activity and tracks the amount of time it takes for a seller to respond when they receive an inbox message.  Response time tracks all responses, not just the first message from the buyer.

It's all based on averages. So if you have responded to 99 messages in minutes, and 1 no-response, I'm pretty sure the weighted 99 will keep showing that 'one-hour'.

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On 12/3/2021 at 2:04 AM, andywarburton said:

Only the first response counts towards your response rate, after the first response you can basically ignore the client and nothing happens.

I am sorry to correct you, but every message gets counted in the "response time". I think you misunderstood it with "response rate"; but definitely not your mistake. It's just a very simple misunderstanding in reading the topic title.

There are two factors:

  • Response Rate: Here, only the first response gets counted. If the seller responds to the first message of the buyer, it gets counted, and your response rate will be maintained to 100%.
  • Response Time: Here, every message gets counted, no matter if it's the first message or 100th message.
On 12/3/2021 at 2:04 AM, andywarburton said:

No, you don't always "have to have the last word" in a conversation.

But yeah, as @andywarburton said, you don't always need to end the conversation with your message. We at least chat with 2-3 buyers every day and 30-40 messages per buyer. We at least have a minimum of 100-200 messages in a day. So, if you don't respond to one message, it doesn't matter.


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