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Fiverr Website Eat So Much Memory, Stuck and Crash


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I don't know why, but today when I access Fiverr website using Chrome it eat so much memory, stuck, and then crash. Sometimes my laptop didn't response and I need to force turn off.

I add some screenshot that might help Fiverr dev team.

I tried using Firefox too, and it works fine. Does anyone has similar problem with me? 





I fixed it by updated my Google Chrome from (91.0.4472.114-1) to (96.0.4664.45-1). I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.

I hope my experience would help other that has similar problem.

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Tried update my Google Chrome and solved.
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Here is my memory usage, and funny the highest TABS were Fiverr tabs,  (this is what lead me here!!).....now this surprised me, and I only looked because I started to "overheat" in the last few days, (since installing FireFox in the new year.....actually) yep I have 4 Browsers going, part test, part necessity BUT look at the memory per tab/extension for Edge v. Firefox for example (no I'm no MS fan, but maybe because MS-Edge can sleep tabs it keeps your overall mem down) BUT Firefox is in meltdown (as is Chrome, but in Chrome I have more scanning "extensions" and no extensions in Firefox )...and shortly after this will be uninstalled as it's obviously "SLOW" and consuming resources, if not damaging the planet. At least on MY PC. So I will search for a 4th Browser. And Fiverr in Firefox are using 587mb per page, for what exactly? There is no dynamic information in Fiverr, this reminds me of Facebook...cookies and trackers clogging up your computers arteries.

Per tab = Brave = 29.6mb / Firefox = 66.38mb / Chrome = 87mb / Edge = 26mb


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