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If I open a new gig in December, I will get a job?



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34 minutes ago, enunciator said:

Odd FAQ questions:

And promising 100% accuracy within the FAQ, but having a gig full of mistakes (gig image included).

Plus claiming to be a "professional freelancer", which is meaningless.

Plus claiming to be an expert marketer, but not having any idea how to create a gig someone would want to buy.

I'd say that the OP isn't going to get a job at all (unless someone orders by mistake), no matter when they create new gig(s).

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On 12/1/2021 at 9:39 PM, fiveroptic1 said:

"If I open a new gig in December, I will get a job?"
Why are you asking ?? - just do it & find out for yourself! Jeez. :classic_angry:

Of course, I am also try to get a job. Recently 03 Dec I created new 3 gigs. You can try to create with the new gig.

My 3 gig link 






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