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Want to create a new Fiver account after deleting current one


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I created this account in 2019 and open 2-3 gig that time and got no luck or was not serious on that.Later this month I back to my account and opened 3 new gig. I did my keyword research, took my time to open last 2 gig but so far no luck. impression and click on my account is a kind of minimum. Now I am thinking to delete this account and create a new account. Few points given below

1) I don't like my current username of my account

2) I will open account from same computer just with different email

Please suggest me what options I should choose? Stay with this one or create a new one day after deleting this account.I guess there will be plenty of experience person.

Also I am not sure if Fiverr will banned my new account in future as I will be creating new account from same computer and will be same person.


Overall I am confessed what to do. Please give me your valuable suggestion. I also attached snapshot of my last 14 days gig impression.


Thanks in advance



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Yes, you can see the above suggestions. That is https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360050222673-How-do-I-change-my-username

Look you can create another fiverr account after deleting previous one. I suggest don't change many more thing. Otherwise Fiverr will capture that you are spamming or changing another account.

1. You can't create new account with the same name.

2. Payment getway will be different from previous account.

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