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No order's on my fiverr gig


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Just now, ahmedrazaabro said:

Hello there,

As you all know it is very difficult to become a top rated seller from a new seller on Fiverr. This difficult task can be considered as climbing a mountain. It takes courage, dedication and effort to do everything. They say that the fruit of patience is  sweet.

images (6).jpeg

If you want to fly, fly like a falcon, otherwise crows also fly in the air.

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What is the Fiverr Gig Algorithm?  The fiverr algorithm helps to rank the gig of fire as I have shown in the first picture. When I searched by typing the logo, I saw some gig above.  Then I searched for the same logo and word, but I did not see any gig there.  Which I had seen before.  Now this is the algorithm of Fiverr which helps to rank the gig.




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