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Tuturial Series: How to Close Sales and Influence People


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Dear Friends,

You know, I FEEL PROUD to see hard-working honest people doing whatever they can to earn their daily bread. Keep up the good job every one! 🙂

That is why, after reading different posts in this forum about advertising your services, I noticed some misinformation in the holy art of SELLLING for PROFITS.

In my experience, direct promotion is a good way to get exposed while getting a few sales (Facebook, Twitter, GoogleAds, exchanging links, etc…).

But, did you know such method produces one customer per 3,500 views (accordingly to an article written by Pepperdine School of Business)?

That’s a customer response of: 0.0002% (1/3500). Wow! Even your savings account would give you better returns than that (0.025%)!

Just imagine, with those returns, how long will it take you to make any REAL MONEY?

Why is that? –You may ask.

Two problems:

One: Competition. Thousands of people fighting for the same customers. Everybody is Fiverring, Tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, etc…

Two: Lack of response. Customers are bored, tired and immune to regular advertisement methods: 20% off, 2x1, Best Quality, free shipping, not to mention “Got Milk?” and its million variations, Bla bla bla… It is all bullshit. Completely useless!

…So what options do you have to separate YOURSELF from the crowd?

Let’s see if we can do better. First, there are two IMPORTANT psychological principles you should remember… –These are not my words, but ideas proven by research.

First: people are x5 times more likely to read what is (or appears to be) editorial matter than simple ads!

Second: when people browse the web, they are looking for a solution to their need(s).

In other words, when a person searches for a “chiropractor” for example, he’s not only looking for a convenient doctor of chiropractic, he’s also looking for a cure for his back pain, his migraine headaches, or whatever. So, let’s say our relief seeker, when he searches in Google for “chiropractors”, not only is he bombarded by “look-alike” ads (20% off, special offer, today only, etc…), but he also SEES and CLICKS on an attractive “editorial” message with a headline similar to this:



Read This Before You

Make A Mistake And

Choose The Wrong Doctor!


Can you guess what makes this headline superior to others?

It offers News!

Now, to close the sale, the content underneath its headline must inform, educate, and give a compelling reason why the reader should choose the chiropractor who has written this “announcement” instead of all the others.

Something like this:



Read This Before You

Make A Mistake And

Choose The Wrong Doctor!


Did you know not all chiropractors are the same?

Yes, it’s true. Some chiropractors only understand the Palmer method of spinal adjustment. While others, who are more enlightened, understand not only the Palmer method, but also, many new techniques that give a more rapid and complete relief to pain.

Do you have a chronic back problem or a recurrent, nagging headache? If so, you should visit a chiropractor who uses the new painless “acupressure without needles” mode of therapy.

Why? The answer is simple.

You see, this new technology can be used on your very first visit to reduce your back pain (or headache pain) by 375% in just 15-minutes!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are only three chiropractors in California who use this new method of eliminating pain and there is only one here in Los Angeles.

So, if you need fast help, you should call (000) 000-0000 and make an appointment with Dr. R.J. Layton who is the only doctor in L.A. using this new “stop pain” technology.

By the way, the first visit is free.


As you can see, this ad looks like a special news story taken right out a newspaper! And that, my friends, is what ATTRACTS customers and KEEPS the MONEY FLOWING IN!

If you do it correctly, in average, you could be getting at least 10-20% customer response (100 to 200 customers per 1,000 views). For YOUR Fiveer business that means: $500 to $1,000 EXTRA Dollars!

The best part is that this is only one technique among many. Imagine what the other can do for you. And, honestly, I could teach you more about different advertisements and human psychology (as I’m planning to do in my next posts if enough people want it), but that wouldn’t be fair without giving credit to my mentor, Claude Hopkins and his book “A Legacy in Advertising.”

…So if you are SERIOUS about attracting MORE business, marketing and advertising is the SAFEST way to go, get yourself a copy of Hopkins’ book. The stuff you would be learning in it will open your eyes to the techniques others may have overlooked, but are a must-have for you and your wallet.

By the way, did I mention Hopkins is the Father of Modern Advertising!

Until next time, good luck my friends. 😉

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