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Can you adjust payment of a completed order you're not happy with?



I ordered a story to be written. Gave the Seller an outline and said what I wanted included in the story. First time I get the finished story it's not what I asked for. The Seller wrote it their own way and didn't follow instructions. I ask for a revision. I get that back and the writing quality is poor. I'm not sure if they got miffed because they had to redo it but the writing quality isn't what I expected and for sure isn't worth the money. I can use the work and will have to hire someone else to do it. My question is, can I adjust the payment so the Seller gets something for their time and effort? I looked at the options and all I see is Revision (not happening) and Cancel order. 

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I am a seller, and some weeks back, I was in the same situation. A buyer placed an order for $50, and after a few hours, he realized that he didn't want that service anymore; however, I had already started the work. So, he wanted to give me a tip of $5 and get back the remaining amount ($45). 

However, Fiverr has no option to refund the amount partially, so I contacted customer support. They told me to place a new order (for the amount the buyer wants to pay) and complete that order. And then drop a message to customer support to cancel your existing order.

This way, the sellers' account will not be affected, and you will also partially get a refund.


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