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From First Page Gig All The Way to The 10th normal?


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I started just a month ago developing desktop applications and I had a few orders with 5 stars. Then a buyer ordered an application in the time-span of 3 days. I finished it for them in 1 day and delivered. As sellers of fiverr know as soon as you deliver the order gets marked as completed in 3 days automatically. So after those 3 days the buyer finally decides to show up telling me the app doesn't work (the app did work they literally couldn't find an exe inside a folder) and kept trying to communicate to me on the order's page, which is closed for me, I can't message them from there.

I tried sending them messages directly on fiverr but they didn't see it until they left a dump of a review calling me a fake seller, that I distribute keyloggers etc... And a few days after that review I see my impressions and clicks absolutely plummeting to the ground. I decided to search for my gig using all the keywords in the title. I used to do that before and I would come up on the first page, sometimes even on the first row.

But now that I look my gig up I couldn't find it at all, I thought I was blacklisted. I looked it up on support and the gig says it's active and showing up. So I clicked on the last possible page, the 10th one, and finally I see my gig there. Quite a fall. Does the gig get back up top after a few days or is it just screwed down there forever?

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