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My gig was denied need your help?



Today my gig denied fiverr mention reason is ( That your gig images are not original )

I have all source files which I use in gig. The gig is social media post design service so I use stock images of ( Man & Women ) in designs which i download from free website pexel, freepiks etc they allow to use for personal design so i used them please let me know how i send proof of these images? 

Please guide me I am in tension!

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5 minutes ago, lloydsolutions said:

Note: In all Design categories, images must be original. In all other categories, ensure that you have permission to upload the image.

The above is from the Help Centre.


lloydsolutions thank you so much for answer! First of all I have source files and fully editable just i am worried about images use on that i use all images from pexel they allow us to use and edit please see attach 2 files. Just let me know could i also send this permission file? Or no need just source files are enough?

attribute use of images!.JPG


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