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How to get first order within 7 days?


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I am Imran, I applied this method for my services and I got instant results. I hope this tips will be helpful for you. 

1. Research Your category in the Fiverr Gig Page.
2. Find Out which gig doing well and what strategy they are following. Just collect Idea from the gigs that you researched. never copy a single line/Image/design from anyone. 
3.  Make a short note about your gig Title, keywords, description etc. 
4. Think about Image and create new Image through your own skill, I use photoshop always. Be alert, If you use any photos from google, be sure that image is copyright free. Never use any Images that copyright is marked. 
5. Select Q/A and provide your best answares, Never copy someones Q/A. 
6. Give actual price of your task, never less price to grab more buyers. If you add actual price then you will get orginal buyers. If you set cheap price you will get most of agency/consultation group they will resell your service to others. 
7. Add PDF/Video on the gig media section. It will provide you extra benifits.
8. Publish your gig and share with your social media sites like LinkedIn, twitter etc. never post it randomly in facebook/twitter/linkedIn comment section. It will be harmful for you cause most of the social media mark it as SPAM. Often they block you for this activity. 

In simply, show what you can do and why you are diffrent from others. Happy Freelancing! 🙂 

Thanks for your time,

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Well,  today, the competition is as tough as never before, and to get good orders from good customers, you must first of all be a very high-level professional.

The days when it was possible to be a freelancer without much knowledge of what you are doing are long gone. Customers are willing to pay a lot of money. But for that money, they expect services to be performed at the highest level.

Therefore, the most important thing - to be a professional and constantly improving yourself. And create a high-quality portfolio.

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