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My Experience as a "New Seller" + Advice to all New Sellers


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This forum is about my experience as a New Seller on Fiverr. Although I had been a seller for 1-2 months, that kind of considered a little bit new to the platform, since you don't have that much experience yet to be considered a mid/long-time seller, but at the same time you've been on the platform for long enough where you should be starting to get the hang of it or your starting the path to start your Fiverr career.

Although we all have different paths when selling on Fiverr, from some seeing success before others, or different paths of success, personally for me my experience as being a  seller here for only 1-2 months have been way much crazier than I thought. I've dealt with success, but I've also dealt with bad days and mentally and physical troubles. I've had some days where I did amazing and got many orders done and many good reviews, and some days where I have 0 orders and bad reviews. We all deal with both sides at least once. 

If you are wondering who I am, I am a young teenager that sold thumbnails for a very popular game for my age ROBLOX. I did many thumbnails when it came related to the game, such as thumbnails for YT channels, games (inside ROBLOX), or anything relating to the topic of ROBLOX. I also did other games such as minecraft, but roblox was mainly my main focus.

Mainly for the first couple of weeks of selling, progress was slow. It took about a week and a half to get 1 order, and it took me about 2 to get 10 reviews. This is 99% normal for any new sellers, since it may take a while to get a order. But, around my 3rd/4th week of selling on Fiverr, I managed to get a instant boost in orders. I remember I went from 10 reviews to over 100 in the span of 2-3 weeks. It really was crazy and I never experienced or thought I would even get a good amount of reviews when I first started. I thought at most like 10 reviews.

Obviously, that's all the good, but I also have to show the bad. Although I got a lot of customers, made a good amount of money, and managed to have a instant spike in orders out of no where (no i didnt bot buyers or reviews,) I had a lot of bad happen to me as well. Orders wise, I went days having 0 new orders, 0 messages, 0 new reviews. I also dealt with a lot of mean and rude customers, and as a new seller I didn't understand how much every word you said meant, and I admittedly got mad over customers that offended me and I offended  them back. This was possibly the worst thing to do, as looking back now I should've just blocked them.

Physically and mentally wise, it was okay but of course bad things still happened. Since I had a instant spike in orders and progress, I wasn't prepared for all the physical work I had to do. I realized I had to spend the most of my free time working on these orders. I bascially dropped everything in my life (friends, and life in general) to do these orders. I remember some days I didn't even leave my room once cause I had to do these orders.

The worst thing that happened to me was my mental side. I hate to admit it, but, I despised a lot of my competitors in the same niche of me. I my self am not a very greedy person, but I like to succeed and reach my goals. And, the only thing standing away from meeting them were these competitors. Although I never offended or talked to any of the other sellers, it affected me mentally badly. I remember it got to a point where I would always stalk there gigs 24/7 like every 10-15 minutes to see if they went online or if they got any new orders. I used to hate and get mad when I saw the number of orders in the queue go up, or got worried and anxious when my competitors went online. It developed something into me that I've never seen before. I believe I just developed a anxiety or anger type when I see other people get orders asking "Why do they but not me." or "What do they have that I don't". Although I didn't hate my competitors, I despised them seeing them take all potential customers away from me and it made me think to my self I am not good enough to compete with the top sellers.

Even though I reached my goals, made a pretty good amount of money for my age, and managed to climb to the top of my niche, I still dealt with a equal/more amount of bad. 

Unfournately, my Fiverr path got cut early. The day of posting this my account is now restricted and under review. Personally for me I am not very sad or mad that now I don't have a account to sell on, but I am just a little bit sad. I had many customers message me telling me they were interested but me knowing ill never be able to respond to them or even have a chance for them to buy from me frustrates me since that was just more money, customers, and reviews right in front of me. And, mentally for me I feel like I will now be in grief/pain because now ill have to see all my competitors take all my customers and get all the success that I could've had. It will take a while for me to move on from Fiverr, since it has controlled my life for the past 2 months.

**ADVICE SECTION FOR NEW SELLERS** (any seller can use this advice if they want.)
My advice I'm about to say is mainly for new sellers. Any seller can use the advice if they want, but it's up to you.

If there is anything you can take away from my story/experience on Fiverr, it mainly has to do with yourself. My advice to all new sellers is just to take it easy. You are a new seller on Fiverr and you can't expect immediate success. I understand if you're frustrated if you haven't gotten your first order yet, but let it take some time. If you we're a new seller in the old days, it would've been much easier. Fiverr is now one of the most popular freelancer websites. And depending on your niche, you may be competing with thousands of different sellers on the market, so you can't expect success overnight.

Mentally and physically wise, take care of your selves first. Personally for me, you yourself such as your health, hygiene, mental health, and anything about you matter more than selling on Fiverr. You don't want to drop your whole life and depend it on Fiverr. Although we are here to sell a service and provide amazing quality, you must realize that you matter more and you need to take care of your self. if you need to take a day/week break, then do it. Sometimes you just have to walk away from Fiverr and calm yourself down.

If you deal with any mental problems, or have something related to me, where you feel down or sad that other competitors are taking your customers/orders, or you see other people succeed and you don't, my advice is to believe in your self. You don't want to have a situation like mine, where you're stalking competitors and becoming obsessed if you are better or if they are better than you, then getting mad/sad that there order queue went up. Like I said earlier, we all have different paths on fiverr. It may take weeks maybe even months for you to reach your goals, and you don't want to think or focus about your competitors. Focus on your self, don't focus if you're doing better than the other seller, or if your doing worse.

Other than that, my fiverr experience has brought be happiness, success, goals achieved, but at the same time bad moments. I leave Fiverr happy and a little sad at the same time, since I can't make any more money anymore and I need to find another way. I thank Fiverr for the platform they offer, and I will always be grateful for the path I had as a seller. Maybe one day I can come back here onto Fiverr again. 

Thank you, andrewbux3

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