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Covid-19 work from home

COVID-19 work from home  

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  1. 1. During COVID-19, are people expected to work from the office?

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic sweeping the globe, has posed new challenges to society, compelling individuals to evaluate a wide range of habits, from work to leisure to basic travel and daily tasks. Not only has this had an individual impact, but it has also had an economic impact on countries as a whole, bringing a variety of economic sectors to a total halt. While there was much anticipation and several warnings, particularly from those in the public health field, the difficulty remained as a significant transition that necessitated preparation, training, and facilitation. While society made mental preparations, the scope and solution remained unimaginable and remains a major challenge. COVID-19 is a new disease that has been circulating in humans since December of this year.




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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have found online work. I also studied virtually and it was a bit difficult for me (fortunately I found the site https://writinguniverse.com/free-essay-examples/education/ where I took examples). I liked working from home more because you don't need to spend time on travel or dressing and it's great. Now I continue to work the same way and also there I have a higher salary than for example my friend who does the same job but in the office

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