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What is a courteous way to explain different renumeration levels for gigs of highly variable effort levels?



Hello again,

I am still in the process of carving out my assortment of gigs to start my journey as a Fiverr seller.

I would like to have each one fundamentally structured around the same skill/technique, since it is an interesting skill I worked out in 2020.

And yet, I've now come upon a problem, so I thought the community might be able me out with some advice.

See, depending on the kind of raw working material that a client brings me, I will either have significantly less work, or significantly MORE work, cut out for me.

I would like to be paid fairly depending on the amount of effort, because my skill and technique will, I think, bring value to people.

I have no interest in over-charging people for a simple job that can be completed in a single afternoon with minimal effort (relative to what a complex job demands, that is; no process will ever be completely without effort). For these sorts of projects, I want to ensure that a couple of fivers is all I'll be charging, because my conscience informs me that this is fair.

But I want to convey to my future clients that if the project entails a significantly heavier workload because the raw working material will require much more effort to process, I need to accept appropriate renumeration for it -- a couple of fivers will not really do anymore, because this technique can sometimes demand a few days of effort from me to get it polished down to a fine gleam, so to speak.

Everything depends on the starting material that my future clients bring me.


I had thought about simply setting up a tier system on the one gig, but think that this may be too confusing for clients.

So does anyone in the community have any helpful insights to offer me, perhaps?

The end-goal of the technique is the same in either case; it's only a matter of how complex the starter material is to work with. That's what will determine the pricing point I need to work out with my clients.

I would like, if possible to set up some kind of simple portral so that people can approach me with the right offer from the get-go; if I have to look over a person's material and inform them that it's too complex to work for a few fivers, I'll find that misreable, and I'm sure my clients won't love being let down, either.

Many thanks for any helpful insights anyone can offer, and good business to all!


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