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5 Dollars or 5 cents - Sellers Still Need More Respect When Dealing With Buyers!


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Here is the respond I have received from a seller name fragglesrock when my order went wrong:

"Maybe with your next seller you wouldn’t be so fragglesrock. My the way, how little have you made as a affiliate? Be gone!"

That was in respond to my comments below, after he asked me to cancel the order:

"fragglesrock ! As per your request, I canceled the order. I certainly hope that others are not getting such a bad experience working with you. I gave you the code to test it before I placed the order and you said “It’s working fine!” Well it was not working properly on your site although you kept saying that it is. You were the one playing games and wasting my time trying to find solutions to work around your problem and error messages I was getting from your site. For example, you said that when placing this URL fragglesrock.com on the address bar it will direct you to www.fragglesrock.com , I invite you to test it again and anyone who wish to do so, to see that you are wrong on that as well! Anyway, I gave you enough trials to fix it and I could not get anything working properly on your site. All I was getting is bad attitude and unprofessional work. BTW, your visitors counter on your site is counting additional visitor anytime you move from page to page, some may find it a misrepresentation of traffic, don’t you think?"

Well next time guys hope we can ask for more respect from sellers when dealing with clients, at list to such an amazing site like Fiverr, for whatever it is that we pay 5 dollars or 5 cents for the service they offer. You are more than welcome to post your experience with sellers that perhaps have missed the most important rules in business - RESPECT and the following:

  1. Client is always right!
  2. If client is wrong go to rule number one.

    Happy Fiverring 🙂
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