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Negative ratings


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This is what it says about reviews in the Fiverr Terms of Service:

Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the response time, the order will be considered completed.

The problem is, I hear that people get negative reviews sometimes MONTHS after an order, even after the buyer has already said that they liked the work and were happy with it. That shouldn’t be allowed, according to Fiverr’s own TOS.


Most of the time this situation happens to people who sell traffic, hits or followers for social media sites. And I bet the reason that happens is that the buyer discovers that all the traffic that showed up in the beginningt ends up disappearing, or are from people who have no real interest in their site, or don’t even speak the same language. In other words, fake, useless traffic. But because that doesn’t become apparent right away, they don’t leave the negative review until they realize they’ve paid for nothing.

You can file a ticket with customer support and try to prove that you gave the buyer real traffic, and therefore they have no reason to leave a negative review. Maybe CS will remove the negative. But unless you can prove that, I wouldn’t bother.

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