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🎯How do you get Fiverr's choice?


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🌟Fiverr's Choice badge is given only to those sellers who have superb delivery record. The buyers got recommended by Fiverr. ... Not only Fiverr recommends but also you are doing best at the Fiverr.

🎯How do you get Fiverr's choice?
Remain active.
Give response timely.
Collect positive feedback from clients.
Get more orders.
Follow the schedule.
Become a popular freelancer.


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I only just recently received a 'Fiverr's Choice' badge for the first time ever after a year and a half of being an active seller.


Sorry, but I would have to disagree with some of the points mentioned. "Remaining active" is overly cited as being a cure-all for any Fiverr seller ailment. The only time being "active" is important is when addressing messages and completing orders. "Follow the schedule?" Follow whose schedule? Freelancers are given the freedom to create their own schedules and modify their gigs to cater to their own desired deadlines. There is no set schedule which everyone should adhere to.

The points of collecting positive feedback, getting more orders, and becoming popular aren't really poignant tips but rather general events that occur if a seller is doing a good job selling. 🤷‍♂️


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