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About gig perfection


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There is no such thing as a "perfect" gig. Perfection is an ideal to strive for and not a reality which can actually be achieved.

As for your actual gig. Uhh... 😐

You have a lot of spelling and grammar issues present with your text and even your gig title:


Your gig video is just a looping animation that has the text "Facebook" repeatedly appear. It shows absolutely no individuality nor conveys any information about your particular service.

A number of your images have far too much text (which also have spelling and grammar issues abound).

You offer unlimited revisions for your standard and premium packages which are named:

image.png.0fb3a2bb4fd11a3da8eebad4a69f16a7.pngand  image.png.20ed084b6ba091ca5fa046bfe0070415.png

I'd be far less concerned about achieving "perfection" and much rather focus on the fundamentals.



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8 hours ago, afshari said:

any one tell me that my gig is perfect or not ?

I do not follow links that are posted in the wrong category. Nevertheless, by just looking at your gig image I can tell you it is not perfect. It goes against almost every suggestion that Fiverr gives new sellers when they set up their gigs.

Read the article to improve your gig image.




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